Emo Is Cool

{June 30, 2008}   Let me make something clear…

I often, here and in real life, get commments like: this band isn’t emo! And I totally get why you don’t want your favourite band to be tagged emo: because a lot of people mean this as a bad thing. But there are tow ways of using the word emo:

-in a bad sense, used by people who hated it and wrongly think that emos are suicidal crybabies

-in a good sense, used by people like me and you, who get it and love it

So when I tag a band emo, I mean that this band is amazing and so worth obssesing over and that you should be proud to be a fan!

I hope we understand ourselves now 😀


SilenceTheScreaming says:

I agree. There’s a beautiful side to being emo that no one seems to understand, and that really disappoints me. but hey, let them keep their naive misconceptions. The world doesn’t stop revolving because of their opinions

Lili says:

That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to explain to the rest of my form group for so long; They seem to think that all emos want to die…
And, as SilenceTheScreaming said: The World doesn’t stop revolving just because they don’t understand and believe different…

Jessekahxo says:

I’m emo and i appreciate that you’ve put this up, it’s amazing that you see the side of us that nobody seems to see, ugh, wish more people were like you.

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