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{June 1, 2008}   Emos from the small screen

So, I was thinking what to talk about in this section and since I’m a huge TV show addict, I decided to take a look at some characters from my favourite shows, that I find emo…

Dr. Gregory House from House, portrayed by Hugh Laurie

Even though emo is usually connected to young people, I found House the model of emo. He loves music (maybe not emo, but still), he likes being alone, doesn’t live by the rules of society, is always looking for meaning… Aside from having these real emo qualities, he also has some stereotypical emo qualities: he’s depressed most of the time and he self-injured himself when he was of Vicodin.




Kerry Hennessy from 8 Simple Rules, portrayed by Amy Davidson

Apart from liking emo music, bands like Blink 182 and New Found Glory, she always feels like the whole world has turned against her, she strives for more in life and she fights for animal right (which many emos do, lots of them are also vegeratians).




Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy, portrayed by Ellen Pompeo

With her, it’s hard to say if she represents parts of real or stereotypical emo. She is depreressed a lot, which is definately stereotypical, but I think that her inabillity to just enjoy life goes for most emos.





Peter Petrelli from Heroes, portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia

Even though he has plenty of oportunities to live a “normal” life, he wants to do it his way. He has a sense of non-belonging, he thinks he is ment for grateness. For the stereotypical part, his family thiks he’s suicidal, though he really is not, he just thinks he can fly (which makes sense here :D)





Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill, portrayed by Hillarie Burton

Let’s see: what about her isn’t emo? She loves emo music, doesn’t have luck with love, likes to draw emotional stuff… She is also the reason that the show is filled with amazing emo tunes.







Seth Cohen from The O.C., portrayed by Adam Brody

He’s supposedly the most emo character TV’s ever had. He doesn’t fit in, is alone most of the time (before the story evolves of course :D), is awkward with women. He’s also obsessed with Death Cab For Cutie.







Matthew sidoti says:

Heroes is one of the best tv shows ever so is house
anyway your website is awsome

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