Emo Is Cool

{May 24, 2008}   Emo fashion

As you could see from the title, today I’m gonna talk about emo fashion. The image above shows how typical emo girl and boy are supposed to look like. Though every emo has his/her own style, there are some stuff all emos (are supposed to) have in common: band T-shirts; tight jeans; Vans, Converse and Draven shoes; horn rimmed glasses; lots of eyeliner; acessries, such as studdet belts and plug earings. Colors that emos wear are usually black, red and grey, though many of so-called emo brands also make colorful products these days.

And here are some emo don’ts according to the book I already presented: bright colors, wide ties, rings, dress over jeans.

I hope you got the main idea how emos looks like 😀


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