Emo Is Cool

{May 12, 2008}   Artist Of The Week – Amber Pacific

Have you ever heard of a rock band that doesn’t live by the moto “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll”? No? Then you obviously haven’t heard of Amber Pacific.

The boys started their musical path in 2002 under the name Follow Through. They weren’t really succesful, but that didn’t get them down. They decided on a new name (Amber Pacific) and in 2005 got a lot of fans with a great album The Possibility And The Promise. The album wasn’t commercialy succesful, but it gained them respect of emo fans all over the world. They got more media attention with the sing Fall Back Into My Life, that appeared on the soundtrack for the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and is from their second album Truth In Sincerity. But in march 2008, they disappointed fans with the news, that the vocalist Matt Young is leaving the band. We don’t yet know who their new singer will be, or if they will even break up, but other members say, they want to keep making music. I hope they will be back soon!








Will Nutter, guitar and back vocals









Greg Strong, bass





Dango, drums




Genre: pop punk

Discography: Fading Days EP, The Possibility And The Promise, Acoustic Sessions, Truth In Sincerity, Acoustic Connect Sets

Similar artist: All Time Low, Halifax, Valencia, Houston Calls, A Change Of Pace

My favourite song: Save Me From Me


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