Emo Is Cool

{May 8, 2008}   The best emo book on the planet!

As promised, this time, I’m writing about a great emo book: Everybody hurts: An Essential Guide To Emo Culture. It was writen by Leslie Simon and Trevor Kelly (both contributors of Alternative Press, magazine, that I’m presenting next time) and approved by many emo artists, like  Chris Carraba and Pete Wentz. If you like emo, don’t like it or just want to have a laugh, this book is for you. It’s so funnilly writen and it gives you the picture of waht emo really is. You can have a look here, so I’ll just quote my favourite pasage about why emo is also used to describe the lifestyle, not only music:

without the specific genre of emo we would have to call fans who follow it Those Who Wear Too Much Eyeliner, Listen to Depressing Music About Depressing Tpoics Like Depression, and Are Big Balls of Insecurity Who Would Rather Jump out a Window Then Attepmt to Talk to the Opposite Sex. And let’s be honest, TWWTMELTDMADTLDAABBOIWWRJOOAWTATTTTOS is a really crappy acronym.” 😀


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