Emo Is Cool

{May 4, 2008}   Emo avatars 2

Again, I didn’t make the avatars. If you are the author of any of them, let me know so I can credit you


doki aka Gaby says:

Hey Tamara! I love what you did with this site! It is amazing! I think it is one of the best alternative music sites on the net! Keep up the amazing work! Great pictures, great music, great reviews and band introductions! 😀

justlovehouse says:

Thanks, Gabor, you know this means a lot! I just hope you’re not saying this just because we are friends 😀

doki aka Gaby says:

When it comes to media and work, I can never lie! And I do love this little accomplishment you have here! Be proud!

justlovehouse says:

Thanks 😀

kayleigh says:

hayy when i looked on here i was gob smacked that i hant founed it b4 it so kwl the emo thing bout so im emo but i dnt cut so true
when ever i walk 2 my shops i get shit shouted at me like go kill ur self emo 😥 and no 1 wont u all my mates fell out wiv me when some 1 says u emo n i said yes now they h8 me. but i got better new 1s now in a band fuking brill im am lead singer yay:)but it better now i hang wiv my lot there nicer i love ur pic ther so kwl i mite go in to doing some sort of emo shots but yer oh and thanks 4 all emos out there u kepet me alive thankyou i wud b dead if not 4 the hannah thing wiv all the mcr fans n the new ppl i have me now got a 17 yr old bf n i love him so much
thankyou 2 all ppl

well that it frm me


justlovehouse says:

Thank you everyone for your great comments everywhere on this thing that I like to call my blog! Just a few weeks a go I was thinking I should stop writing, becaue I thought that no one was reading it. (this is also the reason that I haven’t posted in such a long time) But thanks to you all, I think I’m gonna continue. So stay tuned and leave some comments, so I know that somebody reads (and listens to) the stuff I post 😀

doki says:

Of course we read! I mean I do check it even if I don’t post cause I love the site! It is interesting to me cause I am not an EMO but I love the music and love the culture and always good to read something new! 😀 I said this before but Tamara you did a marvelous job! Splendid! 😀 😀

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