Emo Is Cool

{April 27, 2008}   What is emo?

Firts, I have to straight something out: all emos don’t cut themsleves and cutting yourself doesn’t make you emo! It is common belief, that this is mainly what emo is about…but those who think so are wrong. Yes, some emos do cut themsleves…but a lot of people who do it are not emo and a lot of emos don’t do it.

Ok, now that we straightened that out, we could talk about what emo is. The Wikipeida definition is:

Emo (pronounced /ˈiːmoʊ/) is a style of rock music which describes several independent variations of music with common stylistic roots. As such, use of the term has been the subject of much debate. In the mid-1980s, the term emo described a subgenre of hardcore punk which originated in the Washington, D.C. music scene. In later years, the term emocore, short for “emotional hardcore”, was also used to describe the emotional performances of bands in the Washington, D.C. scene and some of the offshoot regional scenes such as Rites of Spring, Embrace, One Last Wish, Beefeater, Gray Matter, Fire Party, and later, Moss Icon. (In more recent years, the term “emotive hardcore” entered the lexicon to describe the period.)

Starting in the mid-1990s, the term emo began to refer to the indie scene that followed the influences of Fugazi, which itself was an offshoot of the first wave of emo. Bands including Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas Is the Reason had a more indie rock style of emo, more melodic and less chaotic. The so-called “indie emo” scene survived until the late 1990s, as many of the bands either disbanded or shifted to mainstream styles. As the remaining indie emo bands entered the mainstream, newer bands began to emulate the mainstream style. As a result, the term “emo” became a vaguely defined identifier rather than a specific genre of music.

So as you can see, the point of emo lies in music. Music that you feel with, that makes you laugh, cry…music you relate to and music that can change your life.

Fashion and style is also a big part of emo subculture, but I’ll talk about this in weeks to come.

Next time: The best emo book on the planet!


blogfixes says:

i think emo is cool too! nice blog..:P

YAYA says:

Ya! Thks for the explaination of emo . . We tink a positive towards emo . .n not negative . . I like emo too . .N i hope out there look of these words . .dun look down on emos!!!

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